Guardian Angels


Each guardian angel is assigned its own power. I'm connected to each individual while I create it, which transmits its power and energy through me, to pass it on to the receiver later. That is why each angel is made individually and specifically for you. The guardian angels are best to keep with you or in a safe place in your near. For a safe storage, I recommend the accompanying case.


Michael (blue)

Communication, protection, strength and security

"I am the truth in words, deeds and thoughts."


Jophiel (yellow)

Wisdom, knowledge and constancy

"I know what I want and give life to the structure. I radiate."


Chamuel (pink)

Security, peace and love


Gabriel (orange)

Purity, Clarity, New Beginning (birth) and Resurrection (Death)

"I am the joy of life, I play life, I am the laughter and the bliss in all shades, I feel life."


Raphael (green)

Harmony, healing, purity of body, mind and soul

"I love and am in balance"


Uriel (red)

Vitality, earthing, stability, strength, energy, joy of life, strengthens with fatigue, lack of pleasure and lack of self-confidence

"I am the power of life, I live and give life."


Zadkiel (violet)

Transformation, ascension, connectedness to being-all-being

"I am bound and transformed: I am the fullness and the emptiness, the all and the nothingness."


Raziel (indigo)

Intuition and spirituality

"I recognize the life and the game of light and dark. I'm distinctiveness."


Sandalphon (beige)

Alpha and omega, supports the fusion of twin souls, helps in working with the inner child.

"I am creating and I am there."


Metatron (white)

Spiritual clarity and spiritual development, truth and transformation through love

"I am that I am. Everything is in me and I am in everything."



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